Thanks Chicago Citzens and Volunteers! 

Thanks Chicago Citzens and Volunteers! 

When you do a long the in first miles seems that you can fly, you cheer people, say thank you loudly when they say your that your name printed in the front of your shirt: GO ADILSON! You can go from the left to right of the large avenues easily. You are flexible enough to Hive-Five  rows of childs and big guys given you strenght. 

After the half course you drink water and eats carb wishing they will keep your last mile pace. But they don't. From now, mentalization tools are welcome and is hard to listen your name shouted by crowd. You are in doubt if is possible slowdown for a while and get back after some relief.

You don't dare to move to the left or to the right. You avoid jumping even a paper water cup smashed in your path. The runners slowness next to the hydration stations are welcome. 

You know there is a mile to go. 

You feel everything pains in your body and your mind. You think in walking but people around you put you up : "you got it", "keep going", "your looking good" and you keep on! 

You see the finish line but seems to the longest 400 meters of your life. You pack up your body and go for it. 

The sound system say your name. 

You lift your arms and look up the sky and thank you all enitities you may believe and shout: Thank you!