Taking Notes Episode 126: 2010.11.23 - Introducing Social Business with Luis Suarez11.23.2010
Today our guest on the podcast is Luis Suarez: Knowledge Manager, Community Builder, and Social Computing Evangelist inside and outside of IBM. We chatted with him about: 
  • Social software evangelism inside of IBM, and the group of 1,600+ BlueIQ Ambassadors within the company
  • How you can possibly live without e-mail for over 2 years (a question Luis has probably answered hundreds of times before, and he graciously answered again)
  • The difference between social networks on the Internet and social networks behind the corporate firewall
  • The future of social software, and what technologies will be used to make it work across networks and vendors
  • Luis' recent Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist of the Year Award
For more insight from Luis, check out his blog at elsua.net, follow him on Twitter at@elsua, or listen to him on recent podcasts with This Week in Lotus and TWiT's net@night

This podcast runs 48:00 and is 57mb.